Advocacy? Don’t Do That Again!

Advocacy? Don’t Do That Again!

So a couple of stories about successful advocacy groups being chastised for being successful:

First, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, relying on hacked records, gasped and reported that the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation from Milwaukee “has been quietly using its vast resources to construct state-by-state networks of activist groups to win support for its conservative agenda from coast to coast.” The Bradley Foundation was following the blueprint (actually a book entitled: “The Blueprint: How the Democrats Won Colorado”) of a Colorado group called “The Gang of Four” a decade ago. And in Wisconsin, the Bradley Foundation has similar liberal opponents such as One Wisconsin Now and Emerge Wisconsin. The Journal Sentinel’s story is a lengthy account of the growth and strategy of the Bradley Foundation, and worth a read.

And in the same vein, Turning Point USA, is an organization that supports conservative candidates for college student government offices. The Chronicle of Higher Education reports that the organization’s success has now drawn fire from those who believe  Its leader, Charlie Kirk, is described as a rising star, but the organization itself has become a flash point for opposition to conservative candidates on many campuses, including the University of Oregon where the number of colors on a campus organization’s expensive T-shirts was a major source of contention.

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